Common NVDA keyboard shortcuts for web developers

NVDA is a solid tool for testing your web applications are accessible to blind and vision-impaired users. (If you find it useful, you can donate here!)

As a non-vision impaired person, these are the keyboard shortcuts I find most useful for building accessible web applications. I keep NumLock off and use Insert as my NVDA modifier key.

Shortcut Purpose
Numpad + Read starting at current position
Tab Next control
Shift + Tab Previous control
NVDA + Tab Announce control that has focus
Shift + , Start of container (e.g. list, table)
, End of container
Spacebar Check/uncheck
Alt + ↓ Open combo box
NVDA + Space Enter forms mode (to edit text)
NVDA + Numpad 7 Next review mode (object/document/screen)
NVDA + Numpad 1 Previous review mode
NVDA + F7 Elements list
NVDA + S Toggle speech mode
NVDA + 1 Toggle help mode (press a key for info about its NVDA command)

Last but not least, the handy grid of review commands adapted from the user guide! Imagine your number pad like this…

Prev Curr Next
Line 7 8 9
Word 4 5 6
Char 1 2 3